Alejandra Fausto: diseño&foto turns 1 year old


This year, Alejandra Fausto: diseño&foto celebrates its first year to design an experience that goes far beyond a sketch to mouse.
Exactly one year ago, while just finished design school, Alejandra Fausto Tovar founded the design office "Alejandra Fausto: diseño&foto", which was established a few months later in a permanent location.
In an interview with herself, Alejandra makes a brief reunion in the history of the company, but most importantly, their vision of how it has evolved so much as a designer as a person.

How have you seen the evolution of Alejandra Fausto: diseño&foto this year?
It is difficult to reach the year. Start with virtually nothing, talking about a location, only had my laptop. I had had some experience working for several companies dedicated to designing and printing this. Also, I think I am, together with my colleagues, one of the few design firms that are in the city. Since I started, I have shown the majority of my clients that my work is very creative and distinguished from others. And even as I continue.

What were the main reasons for creating a company where there is only one designer?
At first, I wanted to work with my classmates, but as we all take different paths, some wanted to work to gain experience, build their own agencies, offices and some other group. So I decided to risk it and try to be a freelance designer. I thought of the advantages it brings, earn your own money, you work with your rules, you have your own clients, no powers within the company, and I accepted. But I never started thinking about the disadvantages.

What disadvantages?
Find a place and pay rent, start with a capital miserable, be every day whether or not customers buy equipment to start the company, pay your own advertising, get more customers, lack of transportation, payment of an evil design just to mention. These are things I have had to live about a year. I've been more than three months off work and it's frustrating. One looks and looks and no more is less. From experience of others, this process can take 3 years or more.

The price of the design. What about the cost of design in business?
I do not know how the situation in other countries but here in Mexico, the price for my service is getting worse unfortunately. The value of our work is the leading cause of bankruptcy in Mexico (just exaggerating, but it's true). There are many people that know how to use photoshop or corel designers are created (with all due respect) and the customer buys it. Then we studied the race and who exercise have had to reduce the price to have our work. I think if you do not let cheap, you can not have a client or running out asking people keen to do so. The most disappointing thing is that almost give away your work and why many give up. I have come to feel depressed about it.

Have you made contacts using the Internet knowing that they would have done had not been so accessible this technology?
Sure, some if not for the Internet, surely would not have worked. My website gives me the opportunity to show my work to potential customers who never had the chance to meet. It is not a viable idea to travel around the world with my portfolio in hand. I have very accessible places where people can see my work and contact me.

Any interesting projects in the future? Where do you see your work in a period of 5-10 years?
Too! I have pointed in a notebook million project which would settle to come out at least 2%. For example, now that I work for Galería CANACO Coatzacoalcos, I have in mind exposing photographic and design work. I also want to launch a store to sell some work. Experiment with new materials, formats and apply them to new technologies. But mostly, working on my thesis. And in 5-10 years I would see my work in various parts of the world. Clear that I need to study more and I think it done.

What does today Alejandra Fausto: diseño&foto after a year of work?
I prefer to say that quality has grown in the projects that I offer my clients continue to gain knowledge in both technical and software. I know I have not advanced with the company, I know I lack many bricks to build my dream, but I'm struggling, so far remains strong even with the crisis, I know I can do.

Anything else you want to add?
It's great to be able to do something you've always wanted to do and live it. I know that is a daily struggle and I do not give up. For those who are studying or have already completed this race, my main advice is: Patience. Too much patience. Never stop doing what you want, even if what you want is to throw you 40 days in a cave eating cookies. Who knows, maybe that will motivate you to focus on work differently. I think we are lucky to work on something where the limits are set each, and that we must take advantage. Follow your dreams.
I want to thank those who have supported, I have encouraged his talent, his confidence and experience. Every job, however small, is a new challenge for me and I'm doing everything possible to grow and be worthy of the moment I have lived: thanks for this first year.

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Coming to see this original production created, produced and directed by Priscila Rueda Ramirez y Alejandra Fausto, with the special collaboration of Sergio Rueda Ramirez and the shares of Nubia Karina, Jose Luis Alarcon and Nataly Dominguez in June 2011.

*This film was made ​​for a college class of Priscila Rueda  Ramirez and Alejandra Fausto. It was just a school project.